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Gear for people who make fitness a priority and embrace a lifestyle guided by actions that lead them to greatness.

The Rule Philosophy

You have a formula that makes you who you are. You have a code of values in which you live by. Your life is not the result of one lucky or singular moment, it is a culmination of everything you do on a daily basis. In other words, you are the result of the actions you take. We call these actions, rules. The rules you set for yourself to follow will allow you to reach your full potential to live, feel, and perform your best.

Rule Active is built on the philosophy that by putting fitness first, every aspect of your life improves.

The Rule Active Oath

Rule No. 1 - I will make fitness a priority.

Rule No. 2 - I will show no quit.

Rule No. 3 - I will make no excuses, ever.

Rule No. 4 - I will only blame myself.

Rule No. 5 - I will never settle for less than I am capable of.

It is your choice what rules you will follow, but the rules you set for yourself shall never be broken.